Fuses \ HV Range of fuses (BSHV type)

Voltage rating:
Families : 3.3/3.6kV, @20kA breaking capacity
6.6/7.2kV, @20kA breaking capacity
11/12kV, @20kA breaking capacity
33/36kV @20kA breaking capacity
Current rating : 1, 6.3, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40 (2inch body size),
40, 50, 63A (2.5inches)
63, 80, 100A (3inches)
in all voltage ratings
Body size : 2inches(50.8mm) / 2.5inches(63.5mm), 3inch (76.2mm)
Filler type : High quality fine Quartz
Fusing range : as per IEC 282-1 / BSEN282-1/ equivalent


The HV fuse range (BSHV) is offered in 3 different body sizes, viz., 2inch (50.8mm), 2.5inch(63.5mm) & 3inch(76.2mm) with current ranges up to 40A (2inch), 63A(2.5inch), 100A(3inch) & varying fixing distances as called in by the standard.
Standard fusing curves start with 1.8In and multiple currents thereof, but any closer matching to the equipment characteristics can be supplied as well. The HV range of fuses can also be offered in any special characteristics if needed. Consult the factory for your requirements of technical characteristics and the type references offered.

These fuses are applicable in use as incomer units at the switch fuse units in the front end of the installation on HV fuse gear/ switchgear side/ line transmissions. The HV BS range of fuses can also be offered in varying time current/ fusing characteristics if needed.