EMMESS have state of art facilities to manufacture Instrument Transformers upto 220KV:

  • Vacuum Drying Oven
  • Curing/Drying oven
  • Vacuum resin mixing and casting plant
  • Oil filtration plant
  • Toroidal winding machine
  • VT coil winding machine.
  • Resin casting Moulds
  • Material handling equipment including EOT and Trolleys.
  • Shielded faraday cage to test upto system Voltage of 220KV.
  • Crimping Machine for Distribution Class Lightning Arrestors.
  • Sulphur Cement mixing machine for Station Class Lightning Arrestors.
  • Transformer winding Machine.

Our testing facilities include:

  • Instrument transformer testing panel complete with VT coil winding machine, CT/VT accuracy Test kit, CT/VT Burden Boxes, Current Injection setup, standard CT's and Standard VT's.
  • 300KV HV Testkit.
  • 300 KV Coupling Capacitor.
  • 150KV standard Capacitor
  • Electronic Potential divider to test any non standard VT ratios
  • Tan delta test set
  • Partial discharge detector set up with required accessories.
  • Oil BDV Test kit
  • Transformer ratio meter.
  • Induced Overoltage test  set up for VT.